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Bel-Ray are the hardest working lubricant company in the Mining industry with a sharp focus on ensuring that, by using their products to lubricate your machinery it
will give your entire business a boost. With unrivaled industry knowledge and support they are committed to finding ways to reduce lubricant consumption and mitigate impact on the environment.

Bel-Ray have been Manufacturing and developing Lubrication solutions for 70 years, with a proud and rich heritage of 
supplying many of the Worlds biggest companies.  Manufactured in the USA the company are continually developing their products and ranges 
to offer superior business value for application in the Industrial sector from Aerospace, Automotive, Energy, Food. Military, OEM, Steel, Textile...

For more than 60 years Bel-Ray's high performance marine products have been sold all over the world from everyone from the United States Navy to the largest
manufacturers of outboard engines. Bel-Ray are dedicated to upgrade their formulas, making them more powerful and ready to serve the next generation of marine technology.


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- Aerosol Lubricants - Anti-Seize Compounds - Compressor & Vacuum Pump Lubricants - Gear Lubricants - Greases
- Heat Transfer Fluid & Coolants - Hydraulic Fluids - Motor Oil & Transmission Fluids - Multipurpose Lubricants
- Penetrating Oils & Rust Preventative Lubricants - Pneumatic Lubricants - Specialty Lubricants - Wire Rope Lubricants

Rust Preventatives - Synthetic Lubricants - Biodegradable Lubricants - Anti-Friction Bearing & Bushing Greases - Electric Motor Bearing
- Wire Rope & Cable Lubricants - Enclosed Gear & Worm Drive Oils - Open Gear & Multi-Service Lubricants - Mill Gear & Drive Lubricants
- Propel Lubricants - Rolling Stock Lubricants - Moly Lubricants - Service Products

Greases - Gear Oil - Chain, Cable & Wire Rope - Hydraulic & Compressor Fluids - Transmission & Drive Chain Fluids - Air Tool Lubricants - HD Diesel Engine Oil

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